About.me partnered with Klout to give its user's access to their Klout Score performance from their personal dashboard.

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Attensity Analyze

Attensity Analyze helps organizations leverage social media and other communications as a business asset to drive corporate change and competitive advantage. Using Attensity’s advanced text analytics technology, Attensity Analyze “reads” all incom...

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Attensity Respond

Attensity Respond is the first enterprise-class social engagement application designed for big data that helps organizations find opportunities to engage with their customers in real-time. Using Attensity’s advanced text analytics technology, Atte...

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Capital One

Capital One utilized our API to reward influencers with a cashback bonus.

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Follr - Digital Identity Sites

Do you have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and likely many more? Each is one facet of you and none represent your personal brand, the whole you. What is really needed is one profile that represents them all. Follr organizes all o...

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